I find it rare in my schedule when I really have nothing to do, because I seem to be good at taking up my spare time by doing something. When I say nothing to do, I mean me time, getting to do whatever I want and not having to worry about anything or anyone else. I don’t like having too much of this time because I feel like a hermit, but this past Friday evening/most of Saturday I had all to myself and it was awesome. Yes, Friday night was one of those times where I was excited to sleep because I honestly had nothing to wake up for. There’s something about not having to set an alarm that instantly makes that night’s sleep instantly ten times better – I know you all know that feeling. So what did I do in this time? After my luxuriously long shower and my hair in pigtails, I treated myself to watching Despicable Me; I painted both my fingernails and toes, which is something that rarely ever happens; I watched too many YouTube videos, and I stalked copious amounts of people on Facebook. The whole point of me time is to not be productive, and in a nutshell, that was my Friday night.

Now to balance out my low-key Friday night, my Saturday night was quite the opposite. Tegan, one of the lovely Aussies on my ultimate team, had her 21st party, and it also happened to be Lesley’s 21st as well; so the night started off at Tegan’s party, which Devin and I went together to. Because I had to leave early to get back to the student village before the crew left for the city to celebrate Lesley’s birthday, I was paranoid about not getting to spend enough time at Tegan’s. So what ended up happening? Devin and I showed up right on time, and we were the first guests, besides Tegan’s immediate family. I understand the whole “fashionably late” thing because people want to avoid the awkwardness that is inevitable at the beginning of every party, but in last night’s situation that just meant that more finger food and comfortable seating was available. We were also in a prime viewing area to watch Tegan’s adorable slideshow of pictures, with the age range covering baby to current day. Since I left early, I missed pretty much everything fun, which was a bummer because Devin told me that there were speeches, lap dances, and even more finger food to enjoy. Alas, my commitments took me into the middle of the city to help ring in Lesley’s big 2-1. It’s funny that even though the drinking age is 18 here, 21st birthdays are still a pretty big deal in Australia. It’s just another American influence on Aussie culture, because there is literally nothing special for your 21st here besides, you know, the whole celebrating your life part. With Lesley adorned in her birthday sash and tiara we went to a club called Anyway. We actually got in this time too, so Maddie got to experience her first dance club in Australia. It was three levels, with different areas for different kinds of music. Despite the variety of music and fun time that was had, it was still hard for me to justify spending twenty dollars for cover because I prefer the activities that fall under the single digits or free category.

And how did I spend my Sunday? After a relaxing bout of morning yoga, I laid out and got my first minor Australian sunburn. Spring break does start this Friday, so I like to think it’s in good preparation for the two weeks I’ll be spending in the sun.  


Vicki Hayford
09/15/2013 6:57am

Sounds like someone is definitely getting the hang of it down under!

09/15/2013 8:36am

Ah, that awkward adjustment period when you don't know what to do next. Now you are breezing around like a native. I'm glad Devin is getting out. I'm excited to hear about all your spring break adventures. Always with an eye toward safety, of course...


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