I’ve gotten into a really good habit here of staying up way later than I need to. For instance, last night I stayed up working on a paper that isn’t due until the end of the semester. A couple of questions might be coming to your mind such as “what is your problem?” and “you worked on your homework on a Saturday night?” Anyone who knows me relatively well knows how anti-procrastination I am. I actually get nauseous if I don’t get to complete my assignments and tasks by when I want to, which on average is about two weeks before they are actually due. Screw the rush a person claims they get by saving everything until the last minute. If I did that, I might implode from anxiety. So because of the rager of a night I had last night, I’m making my bed time in 10:00pm. Call me crazy, but I can also get excited about a good night’s sleep. I realize this paragraph exposes my potentially lame side but to me, anyone who can’t admit to having a quirk or two is holding on a little too tight.

I have started to keep a list of words I am taking a personal pledge to implement into my daily vocabulary by the time I leave. For your convenience, I created a list for the words as well as their meanings:

- Mate: friend – isn’t that such a wonderful replacement for friends? Say “me and my mates” a couple times, and you’ll love how it sounds.
- “Good on ya”: well done or good for you – usually said with a lot of enthusiasm, which makes you feel even better about yourself!
- “I’d reckon”: instead of saying “I think” or “I figure” – I personally think it makes me sound smarter whenever I say it
- Jumper: sweatshirt – I giggle every time someone refers to “getting their jumper” or something along those lines because I instantly picture overalls
- “Off his face”: “he was really drunk” – obviously this applies to women too, but I think it makes talking about how someone was super crazy the other night even more fun, just because of how cool this phrase sounds  
- Heaps: loads or a lot – it’s a tie between this and mate for the phrase I want to start using the most

Devin’s uncle lives here in Melbourne, so that is who Devin is staying with while we’re here. Having a house to come visit every once in a while makes this whole experience so much more enjoyable. There’s a sense of family, great food, a fridge that doesn’t smell, which are all things that are hard to come by at the village. Needless to say, I am grateful for being able to sneak away from the village to something that mildly resembles home. Plus, I just watched DJ (Devin's burly Irish uncle) and Jinky (DJ's adorable, tiny malaysian wife) give Devin a haircut. You don't get better entertainment than that.


Vicki Hayford
08/11/2013 9:37am

Great blog, but what happened, we didn't get a pic of Devin getting his hair cut?!

08/13/2013 1:17pm

Yes! Pictures of Devin's haircut please! I'm not seeing or hearing nearly enough from him. Thank God for your detailed blog posts, so I at least know what YOU are up to.


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