This weekend’s main event was Devin and I testing our abilities in the kitchen. The challenge at hand? First course, rice paper rolls; second course, enchiladas with a rice and corn salad. While they don’t go together really at all, the theme of our cooking was obviously diversity, as well as deliciousness.  We simply typed in vegetarian meals into Google and found the recipes. We decided both recipes were within our skill level, as they were advertised as easy, and each taking under 30 minutes to make. I’ll be honest though; the rice paper rolls were a little bit of a challenge. The directions made it seem so simple, telling us to simply wet with warm water, but not to over-wet. Having never worked with rice paper rolls before, neither Devin nor I knew the optimal wetness for rice paper, so we kind of just went for it, and we soon discovered that the wetter you get a sheet of rice paper, the more it likes to stick to itself. So while we got some pretty interestingly shaped rolls, that didn’t mean they were any less tasty. On the other hand, the enchiladas and rice salad were a lot less intimidating. I was worried about how we were going to get enough lime juice out of the lime we bought to add flavor to the rice salad, but I didn’t realize I had my own personal juicer: Devin’s biceps. Needless to say, both meals were delicious, even though with both dishes, we filled the kitchen with smoke. However I think the crispiness added necessary texture. 

In the weeks of my grocery shopping without a car, I’ve discovered two necessities no woman should ever go into a grocery store without and they are as follows: 1) A list and 2) A man to carry all the bags. Shopping with Devin makes life so much easier because believe it or not, he’s the stronger one out of the two of us, and he can carry about three times what I can with my twig-like arms. So ladies, whether you have a current man in your life, or you’re still on the hunt, make sure to test your man’s arm endurance at the earliest convenience to make sure he is up to par.

For the past week or so, the wind here has been absolutely insane. The Weather Channel reported on Friday night that it was blowing at a steady 31 mph, with the occasional fun gust of 44mph. Each time I look at the ten day forecast, it says that the day after next is when the wind will calm down. The Weather Channel is full of lies. It hasn’t let up, and tomorrow is forecasted to be another day with 20+ mph winds. So while in Melbourne my hair may be escaping the humidity, which torments it so, my hair has found a new enemy. 

Today a girlfriend and I set out to find the Docklands Market, which is near the heart of Melbourne. Elise and I are all about trying out new things and finding unique experiences to Melbourne – last weekend we went to the Queen Victoria Market – so this weekend we wanted to explore another city landmark. Before we started our adventure, we were 100% sure this place existed; however by the end of our trip, we were about 5% sure. We walked around for over an hour, asking random civilians where we could find this market and everyone responded as if we were asking if unicorns existed. So, we eventually gave up and settled for eating as a suitable alternative. 


Marilyn Shaver
08/21/2013 10:05am

I can't wait until you and Devin get home so you can cook for us. You make me laugh every time I read one of your blogs. Thank you!


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