I sold my bike! Oh my goodness, what a relief it is to not have to worry about it anymore. Good ole Calypso (the name Devin and I gave her) was sent off in good hands tonight to another aspiring rider to be. My roommate made a really funny observation in that my bike had always been in our little common room area this whole semester, except if I was out riding obviously, so even on nights where Christine nor I were home, Calypso was still there. Now, on the last night in our rooms at the village, Calypso is gone and it’s strange and a little sad. Yes, leave it to me to get sentimental about a bicycle. Anyway, with my pocket a little heavier I can breathe a sigh of relief in that I don’t have to deal with the packaging and fees that would come with taking Calypso back home with me. And now I can buy all the souvenirs I want to stuff my new suitcase with! Jokes; I’m taking a break right now from packing up my stuff and I can already tell I’ve purchased enough things here to fill my second suitcase full to the brim. I honestly don’t know how I made it here with one suitcase, under the weight restriction. Seriously, that will be something I will always be proud of.

Even though I’m a tad bit nostalgic about Calypso leaving me and only having three weeks left here in Australia, one thing I won’t miss at all is the student village. Even though the mold growing in my bathroom is so much fun to breathe in every morning and the white concrete walls give such a homey feel, I can’t wait to be back in a real house or my sorority house for that matter. Seriously, that place already felt like a castle before I came here, so I can’t imagine how AXiD will seem when I move back in. As I type this in one of the village’s communal kitchens, I can’t help but laugh at the threatening posters that read, “Any dishes, dirty or clean, that are left by the sink will be thrown out immediately” and “Remember, it’s a communal kitchen, so treat it that way”. If only people took them seriously. There have dishes piled by the sink every single day I’ve come in here, and people leave their nasty messes all around the kitchen. It also seems to be that people can’t read expiration dates because a couple weeks ago I threw out a 3-liter container of month old milk from the fridge. Also no joke, multiple times I have opened that fridge and been greeted by flies of various sizes. Lost your appetite yet? The only thing, and I really do mean the only thing that the village provided me were the opportunities to make the friendships that I did; I now know people from all different parts of the world, and it’s really cool. But yes, the student village; how I won’t be sad at all when I turn in my keys tomorrow.


Vicki Hayford
11/12/2013 8:59am

It's always sad with goodbyes, even for a bicycle. Calypso served you well and tirelessly, and now you have returned the favor. You have given her a new home, on the other side of the world from her original one, plus a new life with purpose and new adventures to have! So lighten your sadness and nostalgia with sweet memories of practices, races and new adventures just waiting to be had! Love you, Mom & Dad


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