Cairns weather seems to follow this particular pattern – there will be clouds early in the morning that burn off by about 10am, allowing for four to five hours of sunshine, which then gives way to an overcast sky with rain that comes and goes. It’s always humid, my hair is always frizzy and I’ve realized it was quite silly of me to bring my hair dryer and straightener because the last thing this humidity makes me want to do is style my hair. But it is nice experiencing this kind of weather before we head back to winter. My pores will be thoroughly cleansed and I shall be a new woman.

Perhaps the only thing I don’t like about our hostel is how it does not come with air conditioning. It has free WiFi and a pool, which are both things I wouldn’t consider necessary, but no air conditioning, which I consider completely necessary. It is one dollar for three hours, so it’s not awful, but still. With this weather I feel like I need to shower ten times a day and any time I move I can feel a drop of sweat somewhere on my body. So what Devin and I have resorted to is using it when we are getting ready for bed. We will usually be hanging out in our room for a couple hours before we go to sleep, and we wait until we absolutely can’t stand it anymore before we will deposit a dollar into the machine to kick on the air. 

Tonight we attempted to cook our first dinner here at the hostel. We had bought some veggie tofu burgers and some sweet potatoes and we were pretty excited about how good we thought it all would taste. Much to our disappointment, the veggie burgers were probably one of the worst things we have ever tasted. Usually meat substitute stuff tastes pretty good, especially with toppings and condiments, however these burgers prove that there are still meat substitute items that taste like dirt. Even the cheese, mound of onions, and river of ketchup overflowing the bun could not mask the awful taste. But at least the sweet potato fries were the bomb. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with sweet potatoes, and luckily we had made enough to still send ourselves into a food coma without the burgers’ help. 

Devin and I both came to the conclusion after we got here that staying in Cairns for nine days was probably a bit excessive. We thought we could be doing better things with our time, like preparing our stuff to go home or hanging out with our friends. However, we soon realized that we should be taking advantage of the opportunity we were given to just relax in solitude. I mean we literally have nothing planned for the rest of the time we are here, but at least what it is giving us is peace and time to think about wherever our minds choose to wander. It feels like I’m kind of just in a constant meditative state, sharing it with my best friend, and honestly I love it because I know as soon as I get back to Melbourne, it will be all sorts of crazy, and the same goes for when I get home. I quite like this routine I have fallen into of falling asleep by 10pm and waking up around 8am, and my biggest worry being if I put enough sunscreen on my shoulders. 


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