The weather was absolutely wonderful today, which made for a glorious bike ride to the beach. Minus the 20mph winds, the ride was perfect because it wasn’t too warm, and the sun was out, which allowed my sexy bike tan lines to reappear. In total, it was a little over thirty miles, which is the longest ride I have been on in months, so needless to say I am dead tired right now and typing is quite exhausting.  I think one of the coolest things about biking is how much distance you can travel in a short amount of time. It took about an hour to get down to St. Kilda, which is less than what it takes with public transportation – that blows my mind. It also makes me feel really awesome because I can be like “I’m faster than a bus, train, and a tram”. Well, not really, but you get my point. Riding with Devin is always a good challenge because he is obviously an amazing athlete, and that means he can ride basically forever at very high speeds if he decides that is what he wants to do. However, staying on his wheel in an attempt not face the headwind by my lonesome self was very important, and that is where the challenge came in. I’ve been told that if you draft behind someone close enough, you can save about 30% of your energy, which was totally true for today. As soon as I fell off Devin’s wheel it was like I had deployed a parachute. 

Once we arrived along the main beach road at St. Kilda we continued down to Brighton Beach, which is famous for these brightly colored huts that line the shoreline. Being the tourists that we are, we made sure to take plenty of pictures – like the one I posted with this entry. Look at how strong I am! Actually this picture took a while to get right, and in the end it still isn’t perfect because my eyes are closed. Because the wind was so strong, and maybe because my muscles are not the strongest, I had trouble situating the bike over my head. In my first attempt to hold it without Devin’s help, my arms buckled and my head went right through the frame. But whatever, it looks cool and makes me feel empowered.

In addition to our amazing ride, we also saw our first marine wildlife since we’ve been here: a dead jellyfish. Neat, right? I’m hoping that is the extent of animals I encounter in the ocean while I’m here, unless it’s something that can’t kill me, like a sea turtle or dolphin.  


Vicki Hayford
09/04/2013 5:13am

Woo Hoo! Wonder Woman! You go girl! So like at least the jellyfish "wasn't trying to kill you"! Good old Paulie!


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