Yesterday Devin and I adventured out on our bikes to the land of colorful shacks and Asian tourists – aka Brighton Beach. And while the weather was ever changing, it was still nice to feel the sand between my toes. I’m not sure how I feel about the whole biking to the beach to relax for a couple hours and then have to bike home thing though – it’s not fun having to exercise after sun bathing and unwinding for three hours. But it is nicer than being on a tram or a train though, so maybe it is worth it. I for sure will never ever think anything in Bloomington is far away after living here because it takes at least an hour to go into the city, and on the weekend when public transport isn’t as frequent, it usually takes longer than that. I do miss my car, but I’ve realized how accustomed I became to using it for short distances. Living in Melbourne has given me a new perception of distance, in that basically everything in Bloomington is bikeable or walkable. But given that it will be winter when I get home, chances are I’ll go right back to my old habits – I’ll admit it, I have my flaws.

After last night, I can successfully add lasagna to a dish I have learned to make thanks to the informal cooking lessons that Devin and I have been taking in his uncle’s kitchen. Granted we’re only up to three now, but hey it’s a start. It was quite an exciting night of cooking because I actually found something I am better at than Devin – chopping onions. Yes it’s true, I, Maddie Hayford, successfully chopped an onion without crying, while Devin was washing his eyes out in the sink. It is a moment that will forever be written in history. But seriously, this lasagna was da bomb. I hardly ever get seconds but last night I went up for thirds; good thing I had sweatpants on – expandable waistband!

I was able to experience the luxury of Australia’s thrift shops today because one of my gal pals and I had to go theme shopping for Uni Games. After each day of competition, there’s a themed party every night, so of course we have to dress up for the occasions. I’m so bummed I don’t have my AXiD Box O’ Random Articles of Clothing with me, but the stuff I bought today is definitely worthy of being added to the box. Don’t worry there will be plenty of pictures taken so you can see my wonderful taste in clothing. Devin is going to look pretty great too; one of the theme nights is childhood heroes, and he is being Tommy Pickles from Rugrats. His costume: a bald cap, diaper, and too small of a blue shirt. I wouldn’t let him shave his head, hence the bald cap. I'm a little terrified to see the final product.


09/22/2013 10:58am

Devin looks great bald!


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