Using my laptop this past week has turned into quite the guessing game – I never really know when or how it is going to behave. All of the sudden, whether I’m typing or clicking, my mouse will start freaking out; Deleting, highlighting, searching, etc. my mouse pad has become possessed. Only sometimes does it calm down, like right now for instance; I’ve written this whole paragraph without it deleting everything. Let’s see how much longer I can go.

Literally no joke, I got to this sentence then it started freaking out.

These past few days have been full of unique experiences. Tuesday was one of my gal pal’s birthdays, and we went ice-skating to celebrate. Man my ankles aren’t what they used to be, let me to tell you. I felt like they were going to break at any moment because it was so hard to keep them from rolling in. I would compare how uncomfortable the skates felt to what I can imagine Chinese foot binding was like – extremely painful. After two hours of twirling, attempting to skate backwards, and not falling once, my feet were glad when the time came to leave.

Yesterday, a bunch of us went to Carlton Brewery. The place was absolutely huge, but extremely cool to see. The only beer that any of you Americans would recognize that this brewery produced was Fosters. I learned that it was actually two American guys who created the recipe believe it or not. I’ve also learned that hardly any Australians actually like Fosters. At that location alone, they make 2 million liters of beer every single day. I’ve never seen so many kegs, cans, or bottles of beer in my life. I can’t wait until I can go to Upland or The Tap or Oliver Winery with my other sophisticated 21 year old friends when I get home because yesterday we spent the whole afternoon at that place just enjoying life without a care in the world.

It’s weird being done with classes until January. I don’t even know if I’ll remember how to go to school by then. I literally have all day, every day free now, but of course I don’t choose to keep it like that. I’ve been shadowing every other day at the gym and it is absolutely amazing how much I learn every time. This morning I went in at six, but to my surprise I still loved it. I have yet to find a reason to prove me wrong and tell me that I don’t belong in this field, which is exciting stuff. The people I shadow are just another four or five reasons why being back in Bloomington will be bittersweet. I promise I’m not keeping a daily countdown or anything, but I do know I am now under 40 days until I get on my plane to come home. 


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