Today my mom and aunt left, and while I know I only have a little over six weeks left, it still sucked. Just the idea of them leaving me here again is what is hard to think about. After they left this morning I crawled into my mom’s bed, because I could smell her scent, and rolled up in a little ball for a while; Yes, I kind of momentarily hit rock bottom. After Devin and I left the hotel though, the day picked up. It helped that my roommate was here, and I had gotten a birthday gift in the mail from one of my besties, Kelly. There’s nothing like getting a package in the mail to make your day, and it came at the perfect time.  But I’ve realized I just have to get myself back into my routine to distract myself from the fact I hugged my mom goodbye again for an extended period of time. That starts tomorrow when I go in to the gym to shadow at 7am – yay for routines, right? But whatever, I know I will love it and it will help distract me.

What other positives happened today?

One of the things my mom brought for me when she came here was grape jelly, because Australia carries every flavor of jelly besides grape. Anyway I had been enjoying it this past week, then I absent mindedly forgot in the fridge while gathering up everything else to move back to the village. I was heartbroken, but then a knight in shining armor came to the rescue. Chris, one of our good friends here, drove back to the hotel to get it. I mean, do friends get much better than that? The answer is no, no they don’t.

Well, I got caught in yet another random Melbourne windstorm downpour this afternoon while walking home and to avoid the gusts blowing in my face I pulled up my hood and started walking backwards hating my life. However when I turned around, I realized I was looking at a double rainbow! It was gorgeous and helped lessen the rage I felt inside of me due to the fact Mother Nature seems to time her downpours to exactly when I step outside.

I FINALLY FOUND TORTILLA CHIPS HERE. Normal ones, no funky flavors, just white corn tortilla chips. My prayers have been answered.


Vicki Hayford
10/18/2013 6:31pm

You are tucked in my heart always baby girl! Love you, Momma


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