Stop what you’re doing, and if you haven’t seen it already, go see The Heat. My mom and I had a little date night and went to see it and absolutely loved it. It was full of crude humor, but once you get past your gut reaction of “oh my gosh did she really just say that?” I promise you’ll enjoy it. The one thing that stumped me the whole movie though is how Sandra Bullock looks the exact same as she did in Miss Congeniality. I want her and Jenifer Aniston’s secret to looking good for life.

So the movie theatre we chose was in a super nice hotel. Like super nice as in I didn’t recognize the kind of cars that were in the parking lot. The hotel didn’t seem like a hotel at all because of the fact it had shops like Burberry and Chanel, it had its very own casino, and in addition to the movie theatre, it also had a huge food court. To get to the movie theatre from the front entrance, we had to walk through everything I just listed. Because shops like Burberry and Chanel as well as casinos seem to attract a certain kind of people, my mother and I felt like peasants dressed in our casual outfits. I found myself wondering two things while walking through everything: one, do women find it difficult to hold their heads up when they have ten pounds of jewelry around their necks, and two, how much gel do all these men use in their hair?

We finally made it to the movie theatre though, and I instantly felt normal again - children were screaming and people were wearing jeans. However when we went up to buy our tickets, two things stumped my mom and I as we approached the ticket counter: the price and what “Gold Standard” seating was. I think my mom’s and my jaws both dropped when we saw that the price for one ticket was $19. So my dear friends back home, treasure the prices of movie tickets there because Australia proved that it is indeed worse some place else.

As we were handed our tickets, the cashier told us where our assigned seats were. Yes I know it’s weird – they do assigned seating for movies. Once we got over that initial shock, we made our way into the theatre, found our seats, and got comfortable. Let me just say, the dinky little theatres we have in Bloomington would be absolutely appalling to Aussies. These theatres were so nice – big comfy chairs, no sticky floors, no air conditioning on so high that it will give you frostbite. But wait, it gets better. During the commercials, my mom and I found out what the “Gold Standard” seating was. It’s like a VIP club for the theatres, where you get reclining seats, your own balcony to separate yourself from jean wearing people, and you also get served dinner and your choice of alcohol. Yeah, isn’t that insane? Let that sink in for a second to realize that something like that actually exists.

So there’s a little bit of Aussie culture for you. And oh yeah, go see The Heat. 


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