Despite how homesick I still am, it’s crazy how fast time is flying. It’s weird to think that the second week of classes starts tomorrow. I can honestly say I have only done about 30 minutes of studying outside of class, and that wasn’t even required. Now don’t worry mom or dad, or any other concerned adult, I will eventually have work to do – my class syllabi showed me that – but for now I’m relaxing without the schoolwork. However, all this free time has almost been too much. I’m craving to get a routine down because I think that is what is going to save me, because whenever I’m not with Devin or my friends, I have time to think about home and everything associated with it. I applied to shadow at the campus gym, I applied to be a student volunteer, and I could be joining the university’s ultimate Frisbee team. So I have a bunch of potential things to take up my time, but nothing has taken off yet. Another reason why I need a structured schedule with things to do is I need to actually start remembering the date. Since I still feel like I’m on vacation, I’m not paying attention to the date and now it’s almost August and I’m just like, “huh?”

After two late nights out Thursday and Friday, I decided Saturday and Sunday should be little lower key. So what did Devin and I decide to do? Well today we went to the Melbourne aquarium! We saw all kinds of aquatic life, like baby penguins, pregnant seahorses, and shark rays as big as my car. Here is a fun fact you can share with everyone for your Sunday: daddy seahorses are the ones who carry around the little ones in their tummy. Speaking of fun facts, I learned something else that is really interesting in my sports psychology class last week. We were talking about how even something as simple as colors can set someone off into a feeling a certain way, and then we got onto to the topic of fast food restaurants. My teacher shared with us that there was a study done that linked the color red with hunger. So think about all the fast food restaurants you know, and try and think of one that doesn’t have red in its logo. The only one I could think of was White Castle. Isn’t that crazy?

I posted a picture I snapped of a manta ray today. I love this picture because look how it’s smiling! Hopefully it made you smile too. It’s these little things, like this picture or the sweet song a bird chirps as it flies over my head, that keep my spirits uplifted while I’m here and still missing everything so badly back home. I’m not at all regretting my decision being here, it’s making me grow every single day already. The biggest lesson I’ve learned, and I know it’s so cliché, is not taking for granted the simple, little things. For everyone back home, it’s some of the best advice I can give, even if you’ve heard it a billion times. Go hug your mom and dad, or snuggle with your pooch. And if you’re in Bloomington, you could even go hug my parents and snuggle with my dog for me. Remember, it’s only weird if you make it weird. 



Katherine Neal
07/28/2013 5:41am

I really will go hug your parents. And I'm Maddie-sick. Love youuuuu.

vicki hayford
07/28/2013 7:38am

Great entry! Love the picture of the ray, it reminds me of the ray "bus driver" in Finding Nemo! I guess that makes sense since he is in Australia too!

08/06/2013 2:23pm

Lol! It's only weird if you make it weird... God, I love your educational and entertaining blog posts. You are the best blogger ever!!!


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