I felt like a freshman all over again today – my parents and Devin helped move me into the dorms I will be living in for the next four months. The whole process included the expected pictures in my room, courtyard, and in front of the building as well as the shopping spree at Target. The dorms I chose to live at have been well loved and are by no means spacious, but I know the friendships I will make will be well worth it. It’s like a one room hostel, with a tub that’s the perfect size for a six year old. But whatever, it’ll just make moving back into AXiD in January that much sweeter.

After we successfully moved me into my room, we took a field trip to the zoo. First priority: kangaroos. I think I would have been happy just to camp out all day in front of the kangaroo exhibit if I could’ve. I’m not sure where my fascination with them comes from – maybe it’s because I secretly want to be able to fit in one of their pouches – but bottom line, they are so cool. The kangaroo exhibit, like almost all of the other exhibits, wasn’t completely gated off, which means if a kangaroo wanted to hop over the little wooden posts to keep us out of their resting areas, it totally could have. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and instead the emus, which also were free range in this exhibit, were the ones who tested my personal space.

Another neat exhibit at the zoo was the butterfly house. In this one small building there were hundreds of butterflies, all just fluttering around. Some of these butterflies had huge wingspans and some were so brilliant in color, I was in awe. I kept secretly hoping I would attract one to ever so lightly land on my hand or something, but no, instead my mom was the one who was attracting them. She has always seemed to have this connection with nature that I am envious of because no matter what it is – wildlife or domestic – animals always seem to be drawn to her. This gift of hers is obviously not genetic, but I try not to be bitter about it.

Tonight we were all craving Mexican, so we went out in search of a place to satisfy our hunger pains. Once we finally found our way to a restaurant that had a table open, we discovered that Australia’s take on Mexican is not the kind of Mexican we're used to. Also, at least at this restaurant, they don’t want you to overflow your waistband. My dish was approximately the size of a silver dollar. The neat thing about this restaurant though was they took the tequila part of the Mexican culture very seriously because that’s the only alcohol they served, and all the bottles they served water in were old tequila bottles.

On our way back from dinner we noticed how the moon looked with whatever stage it was in (I don't know how to tell the difference, my apologies). In the states, depending on what phase the moon is in, it either looks like a C or a backwards C. But tonight, the moon looked like a U. Fun fact, I think the moon is different depending on what hemisphere you’re in, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s an accurate hypothesis because Google isn’t loading right now.

Also, tonight Devin and I got our Australia phones. Old school buttons y'all, without T9 or autocorrect. The buttons feel so weird, they click and move - something an iPhone has totally alienated me from. It took me about 3 minutes to send a text to Devin, but I have faith I'll be able to rally.



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