Guys, it’s finally getting warm here! I was able to wear shorts to class today without getting goose bumps. I won’t dare discuss the 10 day forecast incase of the possibility of jinxing were to occur, so all I’m going to say is yay.

This is already my last week in the gym, and I can’t help but feel sad. These past four weeks I felt like I had a purpose, and I absolutely love the people I get to be around, which is probably what makes it so hard because after this Friday, I won’t have that any longer. For the past four Wednesdays I have shadowed 9-5, but it never feels like I spend a whole day confined in the gym. This experience has made me realize I want to get out and start working with people as soon as possible, so I’m making it a goal of mine to become certified by the end of my junior year. And you know what that means? If you’re looking for a trainer, I’ll actually be legit. It’s your dream come true!

This week also signifies the half waypoint through the semester. It’s ridiculous to think that I’m already half way through my classes and school back home has just started. The inevitable is happening – time is slipping away from me, and it’s happening fast. I only have a little over three months before my plane leaves for the home, which absolutely blows my mind. After this week, I only have three more weeks of classes before our spring break, and the week after that are the Uni Games at Gold Coast. That Tuesday after I return home from the Uni Games, my mom and aunt are coming to visit me for my birthday, which I literally can’t stop smiling about. Then after they leave, classes end October 18th, and I only have six weeks left here. I’m trying to be really careful about living in the now, and not letting all that’s happening in the future take away from what’s going on here in the present, but I’ll be honest – it’s hard. I tend to get really excited about everything, big or small. For instance, I’m really excited about making my dinner after I finish this entry.

With all of the excitement from the weekend, I completely forgot to describe my first experience biking on the roads, so here it is. Unlike Devin, I don’t like riding in the rain or in cold temperatures; if I have the option to, I will stay indoors. But due to the recent increase in temperature, I rode my bike to class on Thursday. Naturally as soon as I started my ride it became cloudy, but that’s beside the point. The point is, I’m used to biking on the right side of the road. With that said, making sure I was in the correct lane on the correct side of the street became very stressful. I kid you not, I actually pulled off onto the sidewalk for about five minutes just to watch the driving patterns of the intersection to make sure I wouldn’t get squished. And I just gave up when I got to the roundabout and walked across the crosswalk. But all the stress was worth it because riding along the river is much more enjoyable than being on a crammed bus with various odors.

However, a not so fun experience I had going to class happened to me yesterday morning. I stayed the night with Devin at his uncle's and while Devin biked to class, I took the tram. There are two different trams that you have to take to get from his uncle’s to campus and usually it’s not a huge inconvenience. It is, however, when the tram you are on arrives right after the second tram leaves. I made the decision that because I had 40 minutes and the next tram didn’t come for another 20, which would make me late for class, I would walk to campus. I severely underestimated the distance. The map at the tram stop made it seem like it would be a 30 minute walk, but I was fast walking like I was an elite athlete in the sport and I made it in 50.  There was some cool scenery along the way though, like the racetrack where the Melbourne Cup is held. It’s Australia’s equivalent to the Kentucky Derby and it is an absolutely beautiful stadium, however yesterday it was just kind of a roadblock for my route. The campus was on the other side of the stadium and instead of being able to cut straight through the parking lot, I had to work around a bunch of gates and inconvenient paths. I was only ten minutes late to class though, and it was clear to the teacher I had tried my best to get there on time due to the brightness of my cheeks as well as the nice sweat marks on my t-shirt. A for effort, right?


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