Last night, I played the most intense ultimate Frisbee game of my life. So intense in fact, I split my chin. Now to all you rookies out there, don’t make the same rookie mistake I did and try and catch a Frisbee with your face, or you’ll get hurt. Want to know the best part of the experience though? Devin was the one who through the Frisbee. It cut straight through the air, right through the hands of another teammate. And there I was – realizing my opportunity to live in the spotlight – when sooner than I realized, I made contact with it. However, instead of it being with my hands or even my arm or a bigger body part, it hit my chin. Now because I’m so tough, I didn’t let it slow me down. However, at the end of that round my teammates came over to me, asking if I knew I had blood dripping down my chin. So there you have it – my first real experience with ultimate. I do have to say that even though my chin looks a little rough, the team is awesome and I am so excited to be a part of it.

Now, if I was asked to choose the more dangerous object between a Frisbee and a boomerang, I would totally choose the boomerang. Strangely though, I didn’t get hurt throwing it. Devin has become obsessed with going out into the field by the student village and throwing his boomerang. Mind you, there are trees, cars, and houses to potentially hit or lose your boomerang to, but that doesn’t stop him. Twice I’ve had to get up on his shoulders to retrieve his boomerang from a throw gone astray. The last time he went out to practice throwing, I went with him to try it out. I couldn’t get it to come all the way back to me, but it was still super cool. There are different flight patterns a boomerang can take and Devin bought one that makes two loops before it comes back to you. He’s gotten it to come all the way back to him multiple times, which makes him turn into a little boy – huge grin on his face and jumping up and down, while clapping his hands. Me on the other hand, I got it about one and half loops around before it landed a little ways away. Practice makes perfect though! Luckily I think I’ll have enough time here to perfect my throwing before I come home.

In class yesterday, my biomechanics teacher was explaining various equations about things like velocity and acceleration, and to complete those equations you use signs like “theta” and “omega”. Not very entertaining stuff, except when you have an Australian pronouncing those words. To my teacher, theta is theet-a and omega is oh-meh-gah, with the emphasis on the gah. Devin and I giggled every time he said them. Say it out loud, and I promise you will giggle too.

Monday afternoon, Devin and I found something wonderful. Fievel: An American Tale and Fievel Goes West – two childhood movies for $8! Oh my gosh, we watched An American Tale last night and it made us feel back at home instantly. Hopefully you can share our love for these movies too. If you haven’t seen either of them, then I’m sorry but you didn’t have a childhood. 


Devin O'Leary
07/31/2013 4:30am

All this talk of jumping up and down, clapping and giggling is quite emasculating. You also didn't mention that we won that game...

08/04/2013 6:36am


08/04/2013 6:37am

Yes, and wasn't there a diving catch/throw and winning-the-game part in there as well?

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