I’m taking this ultimate Frisbee thing pretty seriously. I think by the bruises and marks I have on my body from practicing, it should be pretty apparent I mean business. The picture I posted is of my arm after practicing throwing and catching. See what I mean? Turns out, the six times I played played ultimate, I had no idea what I was doing when I went to throw or catch a Frisbee. So today consisted of breaking down all my bad habits, and my forearm taking a beating. But it’s all going to be worth it, because this team participates in what is called the Uni Games. University sports are different here, in that you don’t go to school as a college athlete. There are specific schools designated for players who want an education in their sport. So, for people who are going to Victoria University, which is the school where I’m studying at, you play your sport through club teams. The Uni Games is where university club teams from all over Australia travel to the Gold Coast to compete for a week. From what I’ve been told, the teams of course want to win, but it’s not a super hostile atmosphere. What I mean by that is that at the end of the week no matter how poorly you do, you still party hard with everyone. Our advisor here said an exchange student last year compared the Uni Games to how spring break in Cancun might be, but only 10x more intense. The games take place over their spring break, so at the end of September. It’s a goal of mine to try and keep the amount of times I get hit in the face with a Frisbee to one until then.

The kitchen here at the village is pretty sub par, but the smell is probably the worst part of it. Thanks to people who have never learned about food safety or how to clean the counters after spilling something, there is a permanent stench that just hangs in the air every time I open the door. Because I’m only here for a short while, I don’t think buying a fridge is very cost effective, which means I have to use the community one in the kitchen. Every time I open the fridge door, I get greeted with a new smell. It absolutely disgusts me that people leave things like raw meat uncovered on the top shelf or their cream of mushroom sauce just hanging out without saran wrap covering it. I have claimed a little drawer in the bottom right corner of the fridge for my stuff, attempting to make all my food farthest away from all the possible cross contamination that could happen. Now I’m not a germaphobe, like if I drop something on the ground, I’ll run it under some water and eat it. Therefore, I don’t have ridiculous standards for what a clean kitchen or fridge should look like, I’m just saying that people should realize Tupperware containers have lids for a reason.

I know I talked about boy’s pants a while back, but now it's about their shorts. It really struck me how common shorter shorts are for guys this morning, because while I was working out, a guy was literally wearing the exact same pair of shorts I was. For the most part, boys’ shorts seem to all come to rest about mid thigh. It always catches me off guard, but I guess that’s just because I was raised in a culture where guys aren’t brave enough to show off their thighs. Instead, it’s just the women worrying about their jiggly thighs, while guys get to hide under their extra inches of material.


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