I’m officially on spring break! Truth is, it doesn’t feel any different though. I mean usually there is this huge rush of relief as I walk out of my last class at IU, but here I feel so nonchalant about my classes all of the time that when I walked out of my last lecture yesterday I completely forgot to celebrate.

Good thing there was plenty of opportunity to celebrate last night though – we had a masquerade ball! It was put on by the student village and for the price of $50 we had free transportation, a three-course meal with enough hors d’oeuvres you could argue Devin had an eight-course meal, and a four-hour open bar. Let me go ahead and break the night down for you because it was actually one of my favorite experiences here in Australia so far.

After all the pre-ball photos were taken, we started to load up on the buses, which we discovered weren’t just any ole’ buses. No, they were Melbourne’s finest because we were riding in a fleet of buses from “The Pole Dance Bus” company. Decorated with silhouettes of respectable women, each bus came equipped with two stripper poles, a disco ball, and flashing lights. I couldn’t help but wonder what everyone on the street would think of all these buses in the middle of rush hour traffic on a Thursday night. Imagine trying to explain that to a little child. “Mommy, why are school buses driving around so late?” “Because Jimmy, strippers have to go to school too.” Luckily all the windows were blacked out as well so I didn’t have to worry about hiding my face.

Anyway, the stripper buses put my standard for the night at a pretty low level so when we walked up on a red carpet to this club, I wasn’t sure whether to take it seriously or not. Well, as soon as I walked in I knew I should take it seriously because oh my gosh this place was beautiful. As we entered the main room where all the festivities were being held, we were handed glasses of wine – classy – and then I was told I was required to keep my heels on all night – classier. We ate, we drank, we danced; it was all so amazing because of two reasons. The first being I had the best date anyone could ever ask for and the second reason being that even though we had to pay beforehand for the ticket, it was like you were getting everything for free, and let me tell you: I could get used to that treatment.  We were there for four hours but it went by so fast, like expected. But make sure to stalk me on Facebook, just so you can see how classy everyone and everything was.

And while I would have enjoyed not setting an alarm for this morning, I had signed up as a volunteer for VU’s biggest volunteer day of the year. I convinced Devin to come with me as well, so it wasn’t as awful getting up this morning knowing he wasn’t getting to sleep in either - hehe. It was an all day event, so everyone got to campus at 8am and then we were all randomly assigned to projects and places around the area for the day. For example, some people were gardening, some people were volunteering with Special Olympics, and Devin and I were painting. We were at a rec center – so like a YMCA basically – and we were helping with an art project entitled “Before I Die I Want To…” I included the link – here – so you can see the inspiration behind the project. Pretty neat, right? The problem was there were 15 of us to about twelve boards and then we had to wait two and a half hours between coats to allow each board to dry, so needless to say we had a lot of down time. That led to Devin and I spending a lot of time making up random games with a deflated soccer ball to pass the time. For example: trying to get the ball in the basketball hoop in the coolest way. Devin won because it was one of those moments that needed to be recorded because he wasn’t even looking at the ball or basket when he kicked it off to his side, but he somehow swished it in. I attempted to recreate such a nonchalant move but of course, it didn’t work. 


09/21/2013 7:13am

I'm very happy to read your blog posts Maddie! They are awesome!!!!! I'm so glad you are keeping up with this. You are a practically professional blogger! Time to start getting advertisers!


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