If you’re ever looking for a great diet to go on, I have one for you. It’s called living in the student village during winter. I guarantee you’ll lose those love handles you hate. I’m sure you’re asking, “How does it work?” Luckily for you, it’s a very simple process.

See due to the fact it is winter, it’s pretty chilly here in Melbourne at the moment. This means going outside to walk to the kitchen is sometimes the last thing you want to do. So there’s the first part of the diet – the weather – because it makes you stay inside. However, if you somehow make it past the first part, and all the way to the kitchen, don’t worry because there is a failsafe. Because the kitchen smells so horrible, chances are you will bolt right back out the door.  So there you go, you have two factors working against you making your meal. However if by some chance you make it through the cold and through the stench, you will realize that cooking a delicious meal actually takes time. Therefore, you resort to making a microwavable cup of macaroni, with an apple if you remembered to go to the grocery store that day. Living at the student village makes it easy to cut calories, because if the weather does confine you to your room, your dinner is a peanut butter sandwich. Be warned though, down the street there is a Dominos, and Mondays – Wednesdays they sell pizzas for $4.95. Sometimes the unthinkable happens, and you eat a whole pizza. It’s downhill from there because then you can fall prey to that deal, and before you know it, you’ll be staring at an empty pizza box three days out of the week.

I got offered the opportunity this month to shadow trainers at our campus gym, and today was my first day. I worked 9-5, and it went by within the blink of an eye. Since it is the beginning of the semester, a lot of new people are coming into the gym wanting guidance on what to do. A person can set up an appointment for an assessment, and then after their assessment they will come back in the following week to be walked through their program. I worked with about six different people today, all of who had different goals, body shapes, and gym experience. They were all either in for program assessments or to be walked through their new program. In other words, there was a lot of opportunity to teach and educate. In the beginning, I was just putting in my two cents whenever there was a pause in the teaching of an exercise, but then about half way through the day, the trainers I was working with let me actually go through and teach the exercises to the clients myself. I can tell I am in the right field because I experience what I can liken to a high when I get to train someone. I get so excited to teach and help people – it’s euphoric. Needless to say, today was awesome and I learned so much in just those eight hours. I go back Friday, and I’m already looking forward to it.

For the past five days now, the days will start off sunny and warm. I always leave my room smiling and happy that I can see blue sky. However, it’s like Mother Nature is on a timer because every day starting at around 4:30, it starts raining. It’s not a nice, refreshing rain either. It’s like the 45-degrees-downpour-that-chills-you-down-to-your-bone rain. At least I have my rain boots – oh wait, no I don’t. They are sitting in my room back at home. I should have taken the “Melbourne gets 4 seasons in a day” more seriously. 


08/07/2013 2:24pm

I just read your last four blogs. They are awesome ! Keep swinging girl. You will look back on this experience and always smile.


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