Last night was probably my favorite night I’ve had here in Melbourne so far. A few of us ventured out to the city in search of this vegetarian restaurant. We took a bus to the train, a train to the tram, and the tram to the restaurant – yeah we’ve gotten good with public transportation. The street this restaurant was on instantly reminded me of Fourth Street back in Bloomington. There were so many different kinds of restaurants with different kinds of ethnic foods – we’re already planning our next trip back there. This place was called Vegie Bar, and when we walked up to the restaurant, we could tell we were going to have to wait for a while. Literally packed to the point where you could barely move without accidentally placing your elbow in someone’s food. The five of us made a unanimous decision that since we had made the trek all the way there, we were going to wait it out. Luckily for us it was only thirty minutes, and they had a hip little lounge to go hang out in. Being vegetarian and being a hipster goes hand in hand it seems because everywhere I looked, there was a guy with styled hair, both facial and head, and a girl in combat boots. A guy whose moustache was as long as his hair brought us to our table, and that is when we laid our eyes upon one of the most delicious menus in the history of delicious menus. We went to town on all of our dishes and it was heaven. Luckily for me, I wore my leggings a.k.a expandable waistband. This was also the first restaurant I had been to in Australia where I didn’t have the sensation of crying when handing over my cash to pay the bill.

Today I had my second day in the gym shadowing, and like I expected it rocked. But you want to know the best part?  The trainer I was working with brings his dog to work everyday and she just hangs out in there. After his last client left, we went up to his office so I could see his dog, and as soon as the door open I just melted. This was the first time I’ve petted a dog since I left home and I didn’t ever think I could miss something so much. I got absolutely covered in dog hair but it was so worth it. I honestly could have stayed there the rest of the day just snuggling with the pooch, but I figured I should get to know the guy better before I crawled into his dog’s bed with her.  


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