As I sit here typing and admiring my sparkly, freshly manicured nails, I can’t help but smile as I reflect on the weekend. Friday was one of those days where I didn’t really have anything to do, so I got to spend it how I pleased with no rush at all. The second most exciting thing I did that day was buy another suitcase to take home; it’s a deep dark blue with 360 degree rotating wheels in case you are wondering. However despite all that fun picking out a new suitcase, the most exciting thing I did was going out for a belated birthday glass of wine with my roommate. Christine took me to The Lui Bar, which is located on the 55th floor of Melbourne’s tallest building. Even though I stole it from Google, the picture with this post shows the view we had – absolutely stunning. This bar helped remind me how quickly I can adjust to a luxurious lifestyle; a free coat check? Being brought water without even asking? Delicious smelling hand crème for my convenience in the bathroom? A private elevator just for my use? Yes I loved it, which just made returning the village that much more dismal.

I was treated to my first bagel in Australia with Tiffany yesterday morning at a place called Manchester Press. This place was so hipster, it might have made the hipsters in Bloomington look lame in comparison. All of the guys who were waiting outside either had too styled of hair or the “I styled my hair to look like I just rolled out of bed” hairstyle and all of them were of course wearing skinny jeans, and sporting at least a two day scruff, however only some of them were wearing combat boots or high tops. The place was located in the back of an alley, with their hours as well as the waiting list written in chalk on the wall outside. And while the bagelwiches were delicious, Bloomington Bagel Company still has my heart. After stuffing our faces with enough avocado and feta cheese to last a month, we decided to spend the day shopping. While we did shop for clothes and such, we also took a little field trip to the USA Foods Store. The ultimate goal of visiting this place was that we would find grape jelly, but alas they were sold out. What were other popular items at this place? Pickles, Tide detergent, and Pop Tarts. After finding out they were sold out of grape jelly I was pretty upset, but that was before I rounded the corner and saw a ginormous box of Goldfish, which helped ease the pain a little bit. We also bought a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix because Australians simply do not do corn bread. One thing I decided I have to do before I leave is let my under-privileged Aussie friends experience the great, succulent taste of corn bread.

The good times continued into the night because the Frisbee team all got together to have a little reunion night, which of course got a little weird, but was a lot of fun when all was said and done. I had gone into last night thinking it would be the last time I would see some of them, but now I realize I can’t bear to think of that possibility and think I’m just going to spiral down into a state of denial. 


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