Hands down, being in an airport is the most interesting place to people watch. You see some people in their most vulnerable state, crying or yelling at an airline employee. You see, and hear, those people who have no idea how loud their voice really are. You also see kids on leashes. But perhaps the most interesting thing you see in an airport is what people consider their version of an outfit that is suitable for flying. In case you were wondering, mine still resembles a college student: Nike shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt. I plan on milking this look for as long as I can – I highly doubt if I’ll ever look at a pair of wedges and say to myself “ah yes, those are the shoes I will wear on my next flight”. Needless to say, due to the fact our layover was six hours long in Dallas, I did my fair share of people watching. 

The two meals I had came in a straight up tie in terms of which I wouldn’t want to eat again. For those of you that don’t know my diet or are confused by my rules, here they are. I love meat, but not if I don’t know where it comes from or the animals that produced it were treated in a non-humane way i.e. factory farming. It’s my first big effort in standing up for Mother Nature you know? I have the utmost respect for those who don’t eat any meat at all though, because being a vegetarian is really freaking hard. If you know a vegetarian, pat them on the back. And if you know a vegan, they can get a hug. With that said, I just went ahead and assumed the meat in the Dallas-Fortworth Airport wasn’t from a family farm. Therefore, I showed up at Blimpie, hoping I could find something above the rating of two and a half stars, but I realized a little too late how measly my veggie sandwich was about to be. However I was trapped – the sandwich artist was not letting me run away. Incase you are unfamiliar with the term sandwich artist, or didn’t know it was a real thing, it is Subway’s official title for the person who puts your sandwich together. Side note: With that kind of description for the title, might I say I am quite the sandwich artist – ask Devin, I have made him many a good sand’miches.) The problem with veggie anything though is that for the non-vegetarian, they sometimes freak out and don’t how to compensate for no meat. Therefore, for a sandwich, the solution always seems to be more lettuce. Lettuce is cool and all, but not when it’s the main ingredient and I didn’t order a salad. But whatever, I ordered a cookie and an apple too so I was satisfied for a while. I’ll spare the details for my other meal, but long story short: Mexican dish, with the substitute for meat being jalapeños.

So I had started to think the reality of this situation wasn't going to hit me. Well it just did. Thanks to my friends posting sentimental pictures and statuses coupled with my growing anxiety that these are my last two hours in the states until December, I'd say I'm pretty unstable at the moment. I'm going to start doing lunges down the terminal so by the time we board our flight, I will want to sit down for at least eight hours...which only takes up half the flight time. But here it goes - Bon Voyage! The next keystrokes I type will be in a different hemisphere.

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