I experienced two miracles on the way over here – the first being that I was able to sleep for almost ten hours on the flight and the second miracle was the fact that my ankles actually resemble ankles. The no kankles deal is totally because the airline had a listed of suggested exercises to do while being confined to your seat. So while I was catching up on my Modern Family episodes, you can sure bet I was doing my knee lifts and ankle rotations.

Let me just say now that I am in Australia, I am so glad I will be here for so long. Granted the thought of saying goodbye to my parents is something I’m not even dealing with right now, but for real AUSTRALIA IS SO COOL. I could listen to Aussies talk all day and never get bored. Devin and I determined on the way over here that most Australians seem to add an upbeat emphasis on to the last word of a sentence, which makes them sound so happy whenever they are talking to you.

Here are some things that I see it taking time to get use to:

Even if you aren’t in a car, you still stay on the left of wherever you are.

How many people and cars are in Melbourne – I felt like I was in a zoo. The fact that Bloomington rush hour and walking to class on campus can sometimes cause me anxiety is lame.

The whole Celsius thing is going to be a struggle for a while, because the algebra equation involving 9/5 is, you know, not the most convenient thing ever. But trust me I am just so ecstatic I actually get to use something I learned in algebra outside the classroom.

Military time. I’m not sure which I’ll master first, the Celsius conversion or being able to remember 1500 is 3:00pm.

The fact that Rice Krispies are called Rice Bubbles. What?

This afternoon, Devin and I went to go set up a banking account for him to use while he is here. I know I said I felt like I was in a zoo while walking around, but as soon as I said hi to someone and engaged in a conversation, that anxious feeling went away instantly. Every single person we ran into was so nice and genuinely interested in what we had to say. I can’t imagine going abroad somewhere where English wasn’t their national language – I would become a recluse. Since there is no language barrier here though however I’m never going to shut up.

We were warned that everything would be a lot more expensive here because minimum wage is something ridiculous, so the price of everything is inflated. For example, as I look at our room service menu for what is available for breakfast I see buttermilk pancakes – yum right? Think to yourself, how much would you pay for a stack of 3 pancakes? Probably not $17 right? Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be ordering them anytime soon but good thing I didn’t come to Australia for their pancakes!


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