Last night I went to my first ever fashion show, and it was so neat. There was a whole gaggle of girls who went, and we all got dressed up and went out to eat beforehand. Getting dressed up, having drinks with dinner at a swanky restaurant, navigating the city on our own – the whole night was something I could not experience at home and it instantly made me feel years older. If those are the kind of girls nights that happen as you age, I’m all for it. The show itself was only about an hour long, but it was totally worth it because when else would I see a fashion show in a big city? Fashion shows are pretty sparse in southern Indiana. As expected there were things I would never be caught wearing, or any other sensible woman, but it allowed me to see first hand that the fashion world is definitely catered to an elite class of citizens. To be fair though, there were some amazing dresses that I don’t want to even imagine what the price tag would read because it takes away from the magic of it all.

And the models! Oh my gosh, thin as could be, with legs that seemed to stretch for miles. I found myself holding my breath so many times because I thought for sure one of them would eat it by catching their dress on their heels. Not that I desire to be as thin as all the girls were, but I would like to know what they eat, or probably realistically, what they don’t eat, to look the way they do. Whatever their diet consists of, I’m convinced it stinks. I won’t ever find out though, not only because I will never run into them, but also because if I ever did, they all looked too terrifying to speak to as they strutted their stuff with narrowed eyes down the catwalk.

I almost forgot to mention the music! I kept having to remind myself it was live because it sounded that amazing – I wanted the soundtrack. It was a violinist accompanied by a guy who would either sing or rap depending on the song, and they sounded incredible. It was all so edgy and chic sounding as well that I wish I could hear their music every time I got up to walk somewhere. I’m convinced I would instantly look 10x more amazing because I would want to own every step I was taking. Maybe that’s the models’ secret, because we all know that good music can make you feel sexy.

Today I walked my first dog since I left home. Georgie was her name and while she does not she replace my pooch, she was the best alternative I could have asked for. I borrowed her from one of the trainers I shadow at the gym and took her out for a walk – totally normal right? Anyway, it quickly turned from a walk to a snuggle fest because we both realized that walking was overrated. She’s one of those dogs that will just lean right into you, or try and climb in your lap, and then just stay there. And since I rarely am around animals here, I made sure I gave her the best belly scratches a dog could ask for. I knew being around animals has shown to improve moods and such, but now I am a firm believer in it. My day was so much brighter because of Georgie, so needless to say, I’ll be borrowing her again very soon. 


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