We returned to Melbourne last night and stepping off that plane felt so glorious. After 10 days in 90 degree, 75% humidity weather, getting blasted in the face with a wind that carried no trace of precipitation was marvelous. I’m actually excited to dry my hair today after my shower, that’s how bad the humidity was, and also how dramatic I’m choosing to be. 

On the plane last night, I had my first official cry thinking about the people I’m going to be leaving here, and I’m wondering how many more I have left to go through. I have so many thank you letters to write I’m afraid my hand is going to be dealing with some major cramping over these next few days. These next four days are going to be a roller coaster of emotions, that’s for sure, but tomorrow will help pull me out of the spiral of sadness because we are getting to celebrate Thanksgiving! We are introducing our mates properly to the holiday with turkey, cornbread, mashed potatoes, dressing, apple crumple, and roasted vegetables all on the menu. I’m also going to try and find a craft store to help me make little pilgrim hats, but we’ll see if that dream gets to come true. 

Tonight I went out to dinner with Asha and Gabby and even though I spilled hot tea all over my pants, it is now one of my favorite memories from my time here. I seriously could have spent the whole night talking and laughing with them, while simultaneously stuffing my face with an endless amount of Asian noodles. After dinner, I was forced to try two Aussie favorites – Milo and vegemite. Now I hadn’t heard of Milo before tonight, but vegemite was something I had been purposely avoiding my whole time here. I tried Mylo first, which is basically like a chocolate malt milk drink, so for someone who doesn’t like chocolate it was pretty yucky. I felt like I was drinking sand, so after giving it an honest try I gave the rest of the glass to Asha, who gladly took it from my possession to finish it off herself. Next up was the vegemite and I felt my heart rate quicken as Gabby took it out of the pantry. Even as thinly as it was spread, swallowing the one bite I had was horrible. I literally have nothing awful enough to compare the taste to, so just picture eating the saltiest, most disgusting paste you could ever imagine and there you go. I honestly have no idea how people stomach vegemite and enjoy it – just watching Asha finish my piece of toast almost triggered my gag reflex.


12/06/2013 2:50pm

Gag reflex haha you drama queen lol... Milo is spelt like this lol <<


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