Many wonderful things happened last night, the first being that my Aussie mate, who actually studied at IU last fall, told me he loves and listens to Wagon Wheel regularly. To cope with the waves of homesickness, Devin and I have been listening to country music as well as Jimmy Buffet. Last night some of the Aussies we were hanging out with asked us to play a “real American song”. When I picked Wagon Wheel, not only did Devin squeal in excitement, Cam, my Aussie mate, did as well. 

The paint part of the paint party was pretty weak last night. The first problem was that they were balloons filled mostly with water and only a few drops of paint. Therefore, if you got hit, you mostly just became soaked and instantly freezing because the water that filled the balloons was cold. The other problem for me was since the water was cold, I felt bad intentionally throwing it a balloon at someone. I took a hit on my leg and that was good enough for me to bow out of the balloon throwing early. I uploaded a picture of the shoes to just to show how dirty I got – notice the lack of paint. If you look really closely though on my left shoe you can see a faint blood spot on the inside. Anyone who has been to a party with me knows how much I love to dance, and now as a result of that fact, I have a little scrap on my ankle to help me remember my first night out in Australia. It was crazy how closely the place we went to last night resembled a fraternity party. The music was the same, and so were the slick floors and stages. All I had to do was close my eyes and I felt like I was back at IU.

In case you don’t know, Hugh Jackman is Australian. This means everyone in Australia is super psyched about the new wolverine movie that is coming out. Hugh Jackman is literally everywhere – on TV, on poster boards on busses and in malls, and on every single Australian magazine cover. No matter where you look, you can’t escape a picture of Hugh with his shirt off, flexing and screaming. 


Vicki Hayford
07/27/2013 9:01am

Glad you are getting something for your homesickness, plus a little eye candy for your sweet tooth!


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