Today started with a walking tour of Sydney and for three hours we learned about the history of Sydney as well as Australia. You see, up until mid 18th century, England had used America as a dumping ground for its inmates. However, after the war England needed to find a new place to send the unwanted – that’s when Australia was founded and used for. In 1787, England sent over a fleet of 11 ships to start the colonization of the land, and nine months later they landed safely ashore at what now is Sydney harbor. I won’t bore you with all the details, except for one: rum was the currency here until some 40 years after they first landed. So that is where Aussies say their love for the drink originated. They do love to have a good time, and that's been very noticeable because as we're walking home from dinner each evening, the pubs are packed, no matter the day of the week. Needless to say, things are looking up for my 21st. One thing that is weird though is I came here with the notion that Fosters, which in the states is advertised as the Australian beer, was really big. Most Aussies I’ve asked though just giggle when I say that, but they've  but guess what the big beer here is though? Corona. So unoriginal.

While on our tour, we ran into this big group of screaming children on a field trip. Even though I could have gone without the screaming, these kids were super adorable because they were all dressed in costumes. Our tour guide explained that the children were dressed up as the roles as the white folk who first came here. So there were prisoners, with potato sacks and straw hats, and navy officers, complete with the red jackets and pants as well as white wigs.

One thing to do in Sydney that is really popular is climb the Harbor Bridge. Along with the opera house, the bridge is considered an icon to them, and rightfully so because it is huge! You’re strapped in and simply trek up to the top of the bridge. I’m not sure how long it lasts, but it’s only $200.  That’s how they advertise it – only $200. It costs a lot to be adventurous here in Australia, because while looking through a tour brochure, I saw the price per person for skydiving starts at $398. Now it would take a lot to get me to actually go skydiving, like drugs or knocking me out, but because of the price, that is going to be my excuse for not doing it. Instead I’ll save that money for something more practical, like a shopping spree or something.

To get a little sneak peek into how my family communicates, here is a good story:

We’re always on the lookout to find a restaurant to eat dinner at, and on our tour we passed this restaurant that looked really yummy. We decided that it could be a potential dinner option, so my mom as well as myself committed the name to memory, but my dad not so much. Later this afternoon, my dad asked my mom what the name of the restaurant was, and she told him. This happened once more about an hour later. Finally, just about 45 minutes ago, my dad asked again what the name of the restaurant was, and my mom just stayed quiet. She decided that because my dad hadn’t been listening, she was going on strike. To get around the silent treatment, my dad decided to use his camera, which has a telephoto lens that allows you to zoom in a great deal, and take a picture of the restaurant’s sign from our hotel window. Isn’t he creative? That’s how Stephen gets stuff done. 


Kel bel
07/17/2013 1:57pm

I miss your family communications, it's not a vacation without it :) And I thought the history blurb was really interesting! Wouldn't you think all the people that lived there now would be really violent or something, being descended from convicts?


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