Guys – I met a guy who knows a guy, and that guy, that the guy I met knows, is sort of a big deal. For all you IU basketball fans, this will be a fun story. So anyone who is good at basketball here in Australia usually goes to the US to play in college, or goes straight to the NBA if they are lucky. The guy in my class was asking me where I was from and I told him Indiana, and he actually knew where Indiana was – I know, it was shocking. One of the reasons he knows about Indiana is because he follows the NBA and knows about the Pacers. The other reason is because his friend – the guy who is a big deal – visited IU earlier this year. His name? Dante Exum. He’s like one of the biggest deals in the basketball world right now, and it’s possible that he will come to play for Indiana in 2014. His friend showed me Dante’s Instagram photo of him on the court in Assembly Hall and my jaw dropped to the floor. Don’t worry, even though I know someone who knows a famous person, I’ll still be the same ole’ me. And if Dante comes to IU, don’t worry friends, it’ll be totally casual when he comes to hang out with all of us. I don’t think I’m getting ahead of myself, do you?

Today’s dinner goes in the books as one of the best meals I’ve had since I have been here. It was from a chain burger joint, but I promise you this wasn’t a normal burger joint. My “garden goodness” burger had my mouth drooling as the server brought it up to me, and oh lord the fries. Any description I give won’t do them justice, so just know that they were the best fries I’ve ever had. And that’s saying something, because I am quite the French fry connoisseur – they are my favorite vegetable.

Twice within the hour, we got complimented on our accents. The cashier who took my order at the burger restaurant said she was confused on where I was from because “I sound[ed] so exotic”. I have been called many things, but exotic is not a very common adjective that someone uses to describe me, so needless to say I felt super sexy and the need to tousle my hair overcame me, even though I was ordering a burger…and the cashier was a woman…and I’m actually just American. The other compliment was given to Devin when we were ordering our ice cream. She said his accent sounded “so thick and strong, and that it was very intriguing to listen to him”. I wanted to tell her “I promise, you actually sound much cooler” and "oh yeah, that's my boyfriend", but instead I said thank you and continued to eat my ice cream.

Tonight Devin and I were finally able to watch a show from Project Free TV, which is the Australian equivalent to Netflix or Hulu. What show did we pick? The Colbert Report. It was from last night, and it was so hilarious. Yes, even Stephen Colbert makes me homesick. But my favorite part of the episode was a clip that revolved around a gay mayor in Eastern Kentucky. I am an avid watcher of The Colbert Report, and this was one of my favorite clips I’ve watched on his show. I’ve gone ahead and posted the link to the clip for your enjoyment: 


Marilyn Shaver
08/17/2013 4:24pm

I had gotten behind on reading your blogs, but I got caught up this evening. So, so entertaining! I looked up Dante Exum, and he really is a big deal. The Stephen Colbert clip was great. Exotic Hoosier accent? That's definitely a new one.

vicki hayford
08/17/2013 6:51pm

I totally agree with Marilyn! And Sam says, welcome to the exotic accent club!


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