I did it. I fit everything into one bag. I would say it's a combination of the fact I wrote about six drafts of what I wanted to bring - down to the specific article of clothing - coupled with the invention of the vacuum bag. So since I was actually packed and ready to go on Tuesday, about five days ahead of schedule, this week has been rough with trying to find clothes to wear. I'm scared to take anything out or put anything else back into my bag as it is hovering right at 49.5 pounds - the mark right before your bag becomes obese. So that has left me exploring the depths of my closet and under my bed, but you know what? It's been working for me and now I only have less than 24 hours before I board the plane in Indy so I would say I made it through the challenge alright. 

This week has been extremely hard though, with having to say "this isn't goodbye, just see you later" over and over again to people. And surprisingly I haven't cried...yet. I'm planning on breaking down either tonight or I might make it all the way until tomorrow morning when I have to say goodbye to my pup. For the record, Genevieve is 7 years old, but she will always remain a puppy to me. She has this thing that if she sees a suitcase, she instantly goes nuts and freaks out because she knows we're leaving. Even though we've been hiding our suitcases all week from her, tomorrow morning I know she'll somehow see one as we're trying to load the car behind her back. The whole process of leaving for a vacation has become quite a challenge whenever we try and leave without her. I wish there was a way I could just sit her down and be like "hey, I'll be gone for a while, but don't forget about me.", and then she would jump into my lap and snuggle for a few minutes. But instead it's going to be me chasing her around the house in the morning attempting to calm her down with a hug, but her whining and running away from me. Thankfully saying goodbye to my friends hasn't been as difficult - they haven't been running away from me.  

I also have to say that I've never written a blog before, but Katie Stasa totally inspired me with the one that she kept while she was in Spain. With that said, this blog is a judgement free zone where you come to read about my marvelous time away from you all. 

Top 5 Things I'm worried about for this trip tomorrow:
1. My dad possibly spontaneously combusting while on the phone with this airline agent right now.
2. The 20+ hour total flying time.
3. What I am going to do in an airport for 6 hours in between our flights in Dallas.
4. The size that my kankles will inevitably swell up to while flying.
5. Whether or not the Dramamine I just bought will actually work (my fingers are crossed Martha Byer).


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