Yesterday I had my first test here, and boy what an experience it was. Back home, there are easy ways to prevent cheating, but I’m not sure if they have caught on here in Australia, or at least for this teacher in particular. Usually if there isn’t enough room to have a person to sit in every other seat, teachers create multiple versions of the exam to prevent cheating. However, my teacher didn’t consider that option. His idea to prevent cheating was rearrange everyone in the room. I started out sitting in the very front, in the middle group of seats and I was moved around three times before I arrived in the seat I would be taking my test in. He had everyone in the front four rows, move to the back and switch with the back four rows. This maneuver was done for both the middle section as well as the two side sections. Then, he had every other person in the first four rows and back four rows, switch sides of the room as well as switch to the front if you were in the back and vice versa. He then did this with everyone in the rows in between, both the middle and side sections. It sounds ridiculous and unreal, but I promise you we spent 45 minutes with this musical chairs game. If he wanted to get me all bent out of shape before the test, he certainly did his job. But wait, I’m not done. On top of all that, because he didn’t make multiple copies of the exam, he had us wait and leave until the original dismissal time for class. So that meant if you finished in the first 30 minutes, you could just be sitting there for another 45 minutes. Holding us against our will was to help prevent us from passing on the test to the next round of students in his later class. I wanted to punch him in the face – end of story. But don’t worry my day wasn’t ruined. Who would I be if I just sat here and ranted on about how upset I was?

Monday nights are ultimate frisbee game nights, so it is always something I try to look forward to even though it is freezing by the time we play. I always leave with a smile on my face; glad I braved the cold and wind to be around some great people. Last night after our game, we went to this pizza bar to splurge on $5 pizzas. Since it was a bar there were bouncers outside, which made me instantly  go to grab my ID. But wait, here’s the best part – I didn’t even need it! They smiled and said hello and that was it. I keep expecting to have to defend my age or something whenever I go to a place that IDs but nothing has ever happened. Again, the situations that get my adrenaline pumping are quite exciting. Anyway, I was feeling a little self conscious of my attire because we had come from playing so I was just in sweats – like baggy sweats that you usually don’t wear out in public because they are so baggy – and other people were actually dressed up to look presentable. However, we were sitting near the door so we could see what was happening outside if we wanted to and at one instance, there was a guy who was dressed in suit pants, a nice shirt, and a tie.  Our attention was drawn to this particular fellow because the bouncers wouldn’t let him in until he took off his tie. It was then I suddenly felt more comfortable in my loungewear. 


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