The pilgrim hats were a success! Not only did everyone look great in them, but everyone actually kept them on the whole time. It might have been due to the fact that the punishment for taking one's hat off early was to chug the remaining gravy, but I think it is because everyone loved them so much. Devin and I were responsible for making the cornbread and dressing and to keep it a positive review, I will say both dishes had their strong points, like neither caught on fire. The cornbread suffered because the ovens here are fan forced, which means things have the potential to cook really fast, so unfortunately the muffins were a tad toasty and dry. However, luck was in our favor because Devin and I were the only ones that actually knew what really good cornbread was supposed to taste like. On the other hand though, the stuffing was actually really good, not that I was really surprised since it was my mom's recipe. But to sum up the evening, it was absolutely perfect. The best part about it was that even though we weren't with our parents or grandparents, it still felt like we were with family. That's how much I love these guys. Every single one of them doesn't even have to try to put a smile on my face and last night I felt like one of the luckiest people alive getting to be surrounded by so much love.

Today Tiffany took me over to Ballarat to explore Sovereign Hill, which is like a version of Connor Prairie. All the employees are dressed up in appropriate 1850s style, sharing the history of the gold mining town. Tiff and I ventured into the depths of a mine, explored all of the shops and buildings, and panned for gold! I have five flakes to prove my success, as they are floating in a little souvenir bottle. Not to toot our horns, but we were sifting gold flakes out of the sand like pros. Afterwards we celebrated our new found wealth by eating at possibly the world's largest pancake eatery. This restaurant was three stories, serving up pancakes of every combination. After an afternoon of panning for gold, pancakes hit the spot perfectly, and so did the ice cream we decided to have after the pancakes. We then laid in the park grass, basking in the sun to let our bellies settle before the car drive home. 

The weather forecast for the next two days actually looks enjoyable, but I'll believe it when I see it. I've been told this is the coolest November Melbourne has had in a while, and I'm like, oh perfect I'm so glad I was here. But tomorrow and Monday it's supposed to be over 90 degrees and sunny, which means I'll be soaking up every bit up sunshine and heat I can into my pores to take back with me. The weather channel is currently saying it's 27 degrees in Bloomington. How crisp. 


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