No longer am I restricted to a club or pub or bar because of my age, and tonight I’m going to be celebrating that fact. Every university here or a lot of them anyway, have their own “uni nights”, where clubs designate nights to either have no cover or really cheap drinks. Both are things that attract students trying to have a good time, but not spend a bunch of money either. Another school had a uni night this past Monday at a sports pub in the city, and a bunch of us from the village decided we wanted to go check it out. We thought it wouldn’t be too crazy, since it was a sports pub as well as a Monday night. Wrong. Since it was a Monday night, with no other pubs or clubs open, this place was the place where everyone was. The line was easily a block long, and the bouncer was letting in one person for every one person that left. Needless to say, we were home by 10:45.

Hopefully tonight is a little more eventful than that. There is an international student function for a couple hours where we all get to intermingle and meet our Aussie mates, which are Australian students who you are paired up with so they can show you the ropes and stuff. It’s the pre-party to our party, because tonight is Victoria University’s uni night, the school most of the students in the village I live in are attending. The theme for tonight is a paint party, and everyone knows how much fun paint parties are. A bunch of us went bargain shopping yesterday in order to get proper attire for getting covered head to toe in various colors, and we’re psyched. Don’t worry; there will be plenty of pictures taken.

Going to school here is going to make taking classes back at IU pretty difficult, as I only have classes three days a week. I didn’t have classes yesterday, and I have tomorrow off as well. I feel weirdly free, and I honestly have no idea how I will fill my time. I need for it to get warmer outside though so I don’t spend my time as a hermit, huddling against my heater in my dorm room for warmth.

One thing that is kind of inconvenient, but not a huge deal, is the fact I can’t watch my favorite shows online. Netflix doesn’t work down here and neither does Hulu. For instance, I wanted to watch The Colbert Report last night, so I went to Comedy Central’s website and found the link to the show. Then an error message popped up and said, “We’re sorry but unless you’re willing to drop the vegemite and move to the states, you are unable to watch this show down under, mate.” If you don’t know what vegemite is, it’s like their peanut butter here. They put it on sandwiches and toasts, but I haven’t been brave enough to try it because it looks like paste. Anyway, companies like NBC don’t stream overseas, for free anyway, so short YouTube videos have become what I watch. So far I’ve taken up my time with clips of SNL and Jenna Marbles on YouTube. Help.


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