Time after time I get shown how small this world really can be, and on Friday night, I had another one of those occurrences. Friday night I was out with Tiffany and a few of her coworkers, and I met an Aussie guy who had lived in Greenwood, Indiana for five months. Of all the people I could have ended up talking to that night, I talked to one of the only people in Australia that has heard of Indiana, so it was just an added bonus he had actually lived there. This guy had worked at Jimmy Johns, visited Nicks, the Bluebird, and Kilroys multiple times, and of course feasted at Chipotle too many times to count. I was ridiculously home sick after that conversation and I am still amazed that our paths had crossed each other’s that night.

I also got shown on Friday how much fun working in a big city like Melbourne can be. Tiffany works right in the heart of the central business district, and has so many perks to her job, I’m actually jealous. Due to her location, she has a plethora of delicious eateries to choose from every single day for lunch as well as shops to browse through; she receives free 24/7 parking, which is good because I learned that you could end up paying $90 a day in a car park; her office has a gym, shower, and full kitchen to use whenever one pleases; all of her coworkers participate in casual Friday; and because her company helps with putting people back to work, her desk is fitted out as ergonomically pleasing as possible. Long story short, her company doesn’t make it very hard for her to love her job.

Another plus to the weekend was that the weather was actually enjoyable. The sun was out and it was above 80, making for perfect beach days. Oh but how quickly the weather changes here because now it’s overcast and drizzling rain, with a temperature hovering around 55. I hate to say it, but Melbourne beats out Bloomington in terms of bipolar weather.

For those of you who don’t know I participate in IUDM, which is a fundraiser for Riley Children’s Hospital up in Indianapolis. Despite the fact I’m here in Australia, I’m on a committee and still raising money with my goal being $1,000 and I’m so close to reaching it that it hurts. We always say that every penny counts when it comes to fundraising because of the fact that Riley is run completely off of donations. With that said, if you have a few dollars to spare and would love to be a reason behind my smile, please consider donating to my fundraising page. Here’s the link, and a very big thank you in advance:



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