Let me start off by saying I am lucky to be alive because yesterday, Mother Nature decided to throw me some curveballs. My first story involves my dinner last night. I was cooking brown rice and if you have never cooked brown rice before, it takes a really long time. I had just got back from work and really wanted a shower, so the fact that I had decided to cook something that would take a long time was pretty inconvenient. With that said, I chose to put extra water in the rice and I turned down the heat while I ran to take a shower. I was gone not even ten minutes and as I rounded the corner to the hallway the kitchen is in, I smelled smoke. As I started to sprint towards the door, someone emerged from the kitchen in a cloud of smoke. As I got closer I realized it was the same nice guy who struck up the random ten-minute conversation with me from a couple weeks ago. He laughed and shook his head as he saw the look of horror across my face and said “I went ahead and took it off the stove for you.” Smoke had filled the entire kitchen and my pot and lid were charred black. As I shamefully scrubbed the burnt rice out of the pan, I had to explain to multiple people what had happened, as they were coming to check out why the whole quad smelled so bad.  

However, if that isn’t exciting enough for you, the story has another spin to it. While I was in the shower, a spider decided to join me. After the initial shock and squeal, I decided I would let it live, but then it started crawling into the line of water and fell right towards my face, which led me to instinctually smack it dead. It was only after I did heaps of research on Australian spiders that I found out it was only a daddy long leg aka the most harmless spider ever. However, that wasn’t until much later, so the fact that I almost burned the village down and got attacked by a “scary” spider in the span of ten minutes was very stressful for me.

I wish my spider encounter tales could end there, but alas they do not. My roommate found one in her room, one in the cleaning closet, and another one in our common room, which she immediately squashed with her shoe and kicked it out the door. I’ll go ahead and break down the encounters for you play by play. We were both in our separate rooms when I heard Christine scream bloody murder. I jumped up and ran into her room and she was pointing at her drying rack yelling “spider!” Since I had killed one spider already, I made the decision I would attempt to actually let this one live. For those of you who know me really well, you know I tend to have this pact with insects and bugs. The pact is like this, If I don’t want them in my room or wherever I am, I’ll attempt to remove them and as long as they don’t try to jump on me, they’ll live. I like to think it builds up karma points with Mother Nature. Anyway, with this spider that’s exactly what I did. It was probably about the size of a quarter and I got it to crawl on the piece of paper I was holding. As I was successfully carrying it out of the room, that is when Christine found the other spider crawling across the floor – we were under siege! It was about an hour later Christine found another one crawling around in the closet, but we were able to humanely remove that one as well. I don’t know how, but I was able to sleep pretty soundly last night. I thought for sure my dreams would turn to nightmares with endless amounts of spiders in them since I spent about an hour researching scary images of them in an attempt to identify the ones we encountered.

On a side note, check this out: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/08/28/travel/melbourne-most-livable-city/index.html Looks like I picked the best place to study – go me! 


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