This weekend was full of meeting new people and making new friends from all around the world. Even though they are not as intense, I still go through my waves of homesickness, especially right now because everyone is back at IU and starting school. I have met plenty of people since I have been here, but this weekend I was introduced to heaps more, which sky rocketed me to cloud nine. I got to meet people from Canada, Sweden, Norway, Mexico, and Germany, all of who speak perfect English (Canada is a given, I know guys). Meeting all these different people has changed my perspective on so many things, and I have found that I learn a lot from the conversations with people who aren’t from America. It has also turned me into a better listener, as the accents add a greater degree of difficulty. And if you combine that factor with being in a crowded house or bar, you have to pay attention to every single word. To all my Alpha Xi’s, I’m getting a lot of great practice for recruitment don’t you worry. It just goes to show that you really have to get outside your comfort zone and normal routine, because you can meet so many diverse people. It also helps put things in perspective, because I have realized that if I feel uncomfortable being here, at least I get to speak my native language. However, even though English is their second language, some of them have mastered sarcasm in it and it is amazing. I can always appreciate a sarcastic remark, but I have found with an accent, it is even more enjoyable. 

Yesterday on the train ride home, I sat down across the aisle from a girl who had a baby bunny in a box. I think my constant starting gave away the fact I was dying to pet it, so the girl invited me over to sit next to her. She let me hold the little guy for the whole ride home and I honestly couldn’t stop smiling the rest of day because of it. He was four weeks old, and was soft as could be. He nestled into my scarf, twitching his nose as he gazed into my eyes. I believe he was attempting to understand why I was looking so wide-eyed at him and making cooing noises. I absolutely love animals, but my affection for them has become even greater since I’ve been here, and I think it’s because I am not around any on a regular basis. It’s expected that I will stop anyone in mid-sentence to squeal about the dog across the street. I can’t help it; I desperately need something soft to snuggle with as Devin has stopped shaving regularly.

Today we finally made it to the beach. It was about an hour and a half to get there by tram, but it was totally worth it. Being on the beach helped me feel like I was actually in Australia, even though I was still in jeans and a jacket. We walked along the beach, ice creams in hand taking in every detail – smelling the salty sea air and felt the sand underneath my Sperry’s. While I can’t help but feel jealous of everyone in the Northern hemisphere for the warmer temperatures, it helps to know that as it starts to get progressively colder for you guys, I’ll be taking off the layers to build up my tan again. It became apparent to me this morning just how fast I’ve adjusted to winter here because I couldn’t even see my tan lines anymore. Not that I would ever go to a tanning booth because I prefer not to give myself skin cancer, but I have found out they are actually illegal here. So having a tan year round in Melbourne isn’t a thing it turns out, and instead you have to deal with your genetics and anxiously await the sunlight the natural way. 


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