Today we all flew to Sydney to spend a few more days vacationing before Devin and I start class on Monday. For the record, I’m possibly the worse flier ever. I’m the kind of person whose stomach drops by simply going over a hill too fast, so things like roller coasters and airplane turbulence are not something I tolerate well. At even the slightest bout of turbulence, my heart rate skyrockets and my hands are flailing in the air. I instantly regress back to being a child, so bad to the point that my mom has to squeeze my arm and simply explain to me “Maddie, we’re just going through the clouds.” Writing this, I realize how ridiculous it sounds and how insane I must look death gripping my armrests and squeezing my eyes tight, but for some reason I can’t shake this fear of flying. Any advice on how to help my case would be greatly appreciated, but not if you’re just going to make fun of me while doing it.

While waiting for our bags, I saw a little elderly man – his getup complete with the glasses, slightly hunched shoulders, and pants pulled up a little too high – staring at the arrival screen very intently with flowers in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other. Even if this isn’t the true story, I want it to be because I think it is adorable. I think he was waiting for either his wife, daughter, or loved one to come home and how sweet is it that he had the flowers and chocolates to give? I wanted to go up and hug this guy and tell him, “You’re doing it right”. Bravo, sir.

When we arrived in Sydney this afternoon, I had no idea how spectacular our hotel room was going to be. Out our window, the opera house is at our one o’clock and the harbor bridge at our eleven. The picture I posted along with this entry is the view I am currently typing in front of. It’s so neat! And it’s also incredible to think I’m so close to where Dori and Marlin swam not too long ago. Anyway, Sydney seems super cool and I can’t wait to explore it.

So now Facebook has this feature that whenever you upload pictures, it can detect your friend’s faces. It makes it so much more convenient to tag my friends in pictures – when they are actually in the pictures. For some reason Facebook identified the emus I was taking pictures of as potential friends and asked me to tag them. So, that means that someone out of my Facebook friends might resemble an emu.


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