I like to think for every bad experience, there should be at least, like, five to even it all out. So while Saturday night was the bad experience, Monday night was one of the good times to lessen the hurt from the weekend. Monday nights are usually when we have our frisbee games, but this week we had a bye so we decided going out was solid alternative. We went to our coach’s house for a BBQ beforehand, and then we headed out to this place called Turf. I had attempted to go there the first week of class, but the line to get in was way too long, so I made sure this time we got there around 9:30 to avoid that issue. When we got there, there was a decent amount of people, but a small enough crowd you could flail your arms around or walk with a drink in your hand without hitting someone; by the time Devin and I left, which was about 11:45, you could barely move because it was so packed. Needless to say, we got there at the right time. We had a blast with the team, and we realized just how crazy Uni Games are going to be with this crowd. It’s no secret Aussies like to drink, but oh my gosh – they really do. One of the guys on the team bought all the boys four rounds of bourbon and coke in the time span of probably 20 minutes. After the first round, we were all like “awe, how nice of the guy – good on yah”. When he came back a second time, and everyone was like “oh, jeez another one? Okay!” The third time, my jaw dropped, and then the forth time I had to blink my eyes just to make sure I was seeing straight. Oh and here’s another Aussie term for you: sculling. It’s the equivalent to chugging, but I think it sounds scarier; so if you don’t do it something bad, could happen to you.

In my times going out and simply just people watching, I've noticed another piece of fashion I don’t understand, and they are the chunky sandals – that’s the best description I could come up with. Now I get platform heels and wedges; those are arguably a little chunky, but not like the sandals here that are all the rage. Maybe since I’ve been gone for a while, these have caught on in the states as well, but I…eek, it’s one trend I won’t be partaking in if they have. I posted a picture of a pair to try and give you an idea of what I’m talking about. They are simply strappy sandals, but instead of being flat on the ground, they are elevated, like, 2 or 3 inches off the ground and most of them look like they could be used to angrily stomp at something. It makes no sense to me and they are everywhere. I’m surprised the guys haven’t picked them up yet, but I guess they are still hooked on their tight capris.

In a completely unrelated note to partying, Australia had their elections this Saturday. Everyone I talked to leading up to the elections seem to equally despise both candidates, so it seemed like they had to pick the lesser of the two evils. Tony Abbott is the new Prime Minister, and like expected a lot of people aren’t too happy about it. I should have followed the policies of each candidate more closely, but I didn’t, however I do know a couple of Abbott’s that I can tell you I don’t support – I won’t get all political on you though. 


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