A great success was achieved last night, and it was discovering that I can text everyone back home through GroupMe. Since we’ve been here I have been trying to get my iMessage to work but my phone just froze every time I tried to send one. If my phone was trying to screw me over, it almost did, but then I realized I could use GroupMe, so the current score: Maddie – 1, Phone – 0. Before I left, I was brilliant and downloaded the app Viber, which was going to let me text and call for free by using WiFi. Unfortunately, I didn’t do anything else with it, like register the app with my phone number, so when I tried to get it to work here in Australia, it said it sent me a SMS message with my confirmation code. In airplane mode, which is what I have my phone in to avoid getting charged a bazillion dollars while I’m here, you don’t receive SMS messages; thus, my issue with trying to communicate before I realized GroupMe was the answer. So what I’m trying to say is, you can holla at chyo girl problem-free now. 


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