Today we went on a tour of the Great Ocean Road and I had a close call with motion sickness. We were in a van that was on it’s way to becoming a bus, so in other words not small at all, however that didn’t stop our bus driver from taking turns at 65mph. I honestly thought I wasn’t going to make it but luckily when we stopped for lunch, we found a chemist aka pharmacist who had tons and tons of motion sickness medicine. For some reason saying chemist instantly makes me think of a drug dealer – I think Breaking Bad is to blame for that.

Our tour guide’s name was Paul, who was such a cool dude. He’s one of those people who just seems to genuinely love life and everything included in it. Every question we asked, he treated it as if it was the most interesting question ever. He also had a plethora of good music choices (here’s a link to my favorite song from today: Besides me almost tossing my cookies and learning songs about koalas, we got to see some pretty neat stuff. The Great Ocean Road got its name because of the fact it follows the coast for the most part, which I think is something like 270 km long. Creative name though isn’t it? Along the ride, we stopped in numerous spots to take pictures of the beaches. We also stopped at a koala sanctuary, where I saw my first little guy! They are super lazy, eat a bunch, and have absolutely no interest in humans. Therefore, my vote is on the kangaroo being the marsupial I get to snuggle with while I'm here - my fingers are crossed. Lastly, we ventured into a rainforest where I found a snail that is actually carnivorous. Isn’t that creepy? I was disappointed when I found out they didn’t have any teeth.

13 hours later, we made it back home. I don’t want to speak to soon and jinx myself but I think my jet lag might be over with. I mean it’s 11:15pm right now and I’m still going strong. The reason I’ve stayed up this late tonight though is because I’ve been trying for two hours to get a Wi-Fi connection on my phone to attempt to send a text. I had to stop because I was getting ready to chuck my phone off our balcony. I guess I have five more months to get it working, so we’ll see how long it takes.

The weirdest thing to think about is that for all you back in the states reading this, it’s just now your Thursday morning.  So technically, I’m writing to you from the future. 


vicki hayford
07/11/2013 2:53pm

What a plucky little shelia!

Kel bel
07/17/2013 1:46pm

Oh, I clicked on the link hoping to be able to listen to the song. Funny lyrics though!


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